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Occupational Exposure to Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane, Zythor)

A known neurotoxin, OSHA limits exposure to 5 ppm in an 8 h workday. Monitor your exposure today.

You're careful to control customer exposure, although employee exposure remains unknown

The meters used to measure clearance levels cost $1000 of dollars to purchase and maintain. Our badge cost $88 per measurement, a cost that's easily passed on to the customer as an "OSHA Compliance Expense".

Reduce your legal liability and show some respect for yourself and your workers

Your insurance company likely includes an exclusion clause in your business policy that protects the insurance company from suits that result from employee harm caused by occupational exposure to fumigant gases.  Regular measurement (once quarterly) of employee exposure and retention of the laboratory report as a record will act as supplemental insurance, helping to protect the company in case an employee files suit.  At $88 per measurement, this is an inexpensive policy.

How it Works

Wear the badge-style air sampler on the shirt collar when working and not using SCBA or related PPE. Please note the time the sampler was exposed.


Samplers are ordered online and shipped to the customer


The sampler is worn on a shirt collar to measure personal exposure, or placed in a central location to monitor indoor air

Retrun to the Lab for Analysis

The sampler is returned to AbC for analysis and the results are provided to the customer in a formal written report

Strict Confidentiality

Our quality system (ISO 17025:2017) requires us to maintain strict confidentiality with our customers. Each report that we generate for you is retained in our system permanently, available to you and only you. Also, we are not associated with any government agency and can not release information without your permission.

Other applications - confirm that nylon bag protects belongings from fumigant gas

Our air samplers have many uses. For example, add one to a nylon "fumigation gas-proof" bag to confirm that the contents are safe to use after sulfuryl fluoride exposure. Also, use as an area monitor to confirm that a fumigated structure has less than 20 ppb residual gas, our sensitivity
for a 24 h exposure.