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Halogenated Anesthetics


Monitor your occupational exposure to both isoflurane and sevoflurane in your veterinary clinic using this highly validated SKC diffusive monitor clipped to your collar. We recommend that you monitor for the duration of at least one procedure - 30 min to 2 h exposure is optimal. Also, consider the possibility of exposure during recovery, after anesthesia is removed from the animal. Can also be used as an area monitor for reception and waiting areas.

The price includes the vapor sampler, return shipping, analysis, and final report.

Class of Chemical Chemical Detected CAS number SKC Diffusive Sampler Reference Method Alternative Reference Method Reporting Limit (MRL) 8 h ppm Reporting Limit (MRL) 15 min ppm
Halogenated Anesthetic Isoflurane 26675-46-7 575-002 OSHA 106 OSHA 103 0.04 1.34
Halogenated Anesthetic Sevoflurane 28523-86-6 575-002 OSHA 106 OSHA 103 0.04 1.27