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Air by CCSquared to Present at AIHA Meeting

Presentation TItle: Identification of Malondialdehyde as an Indoor Air Pollutant – Efforts Toward Establishment of Measurement Methods

Abstract: We’ve identified a new dialdehyde species, malondialdehyde (MDA), in the air of a home previously treated with ozone for mold remediation.  The owners of the home tested complained of irritation so severe the home was not inhabitable and the control of formaldehyde was not found to be an effective solution.  MDA is the expected product of ozonolysis of 1,4-diene units commonly found in unsaturated fatty acids.  We’ll discuss the preparation of control materials and the development of qualitative methods for the detection of malondialdehyde in air.  Although not commonly detected in air, malondialdehyde is routinely detected in the clinical laboratory (TBARS test) and is used as a measure of “oxidative damage”.  The confounding nature of inhaled malondialdehyde on clinical studies, as well as its effects on human health will be discussed.

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